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Started in the early 21st Century when China’s economy was undergoing its revival and national hotel brand emerged in great numbers, the Royal Hotel Management Company is a subsidiary of the Royal Group. It was registered in Hong Kong and provides professional service for hotels on business planning, consultant and management.

For years, the Royal Hotel Management Company has taken in the most update management ideas and successful examples of international brands and local hotels. Based on Dongguan City, the Company stretches its business to the Pearl River Delta, the West Economic Circle and the Yangtze River Delta, successfully building up a number of luxury 5-star hotels, which include Dongguan Royal Garden Hotel, Dongguan Royal Hotel, Dongguan Yingbin Hotel, Yunnan Royal Garden Hotel, Shanghai Royal Garden Hotel, and Taishan Royal Golden World Holiday Hotel. The Company has formed a unique series of theories with the Royal Group characteristics on fields like management, operation, standard, system, culture and brand. Even in the international financial crisis period, the Company advanced a distinctive theory of hotel development, which revealed the competition model of modern hotels and how hotels can gain their edges for the competition. The Royal Hotel Management Company have benefited a lot its partner hotels with its standardized management, great credit, professional service and down-to-earth work, which guarantees the healthy development of the entrusted hotels. The Company is also praised as one of the most advantageous hotel management companies with the most market share.

The Royal Hotel Management Company owns a group of professional consultants for each phase of hotel construction and management, providing its investors with systematic, complete and comprehensive management service from research to design, construction, preparation and to operation. With focus from the very beginning and with vision of a sustainable future, top hotel designers set up for the hotel a distinctive artistic sensation and a full value system. To fulfill these designs, the experienced hotel engineering advisors carry out field survey and dig into the study of construction, decoration, facilities and equipments, and finally construct the perfect environment and layout of the hotel and a beneficial operation system according to the hotel positioning. With all these success, the professional hotel managers adopt systematic and international standardized hotel management system and operation model with combination of the Royal Group characteristics, realize the fusion of internationalization and localization, contributing to a rich-rewarding, lively and efficient hotel with standardized management.

China is now on its voyage to be a great power in world hospitality industry and the Royal Hotel Management Company follows this aim and regards it as its own duty to build up a distinctive and respectable national hotel brand. The Company devotes to bring values to clients, create opportunities for the staff and gain benefits for the share holders. The Royal Hotel Management Company wishes to make every endeavor with all its congenial investors and develop the most promising future for China’s national hospitality industry.