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During years’ of operation and management, the Royal Hotel Management Company has set up strategic cooperation with a number of renowned enterprises at home and abroad. By co-funding or co-operating, the Company and its partners help improve each other’s core competitiveness. These partners are one of the key factors for Royal Hotel Management Company’s success.

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Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank

Restructuring from the Dongguan Rural Credit Association, the present Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank legally inherits the total assets, negative assets, organization and staff, with its operation and management model running according to the standard of modern share-hold business bank. The Dongguan Rural Commercial Bank possesses a registered capital of 4313 million Yuan, and has 135 sub-branches and 390 sub-offices.

Mobozhi Architecture Design Inc.

Since its launch, the Mobozhi Architecture Design Inc. undertakes design tasks including recreation and sports facilities, museums, courthouse, star hotels, and office buildings, as well as apartments and real estate development. Mobozhi’s projects are praised by its customers and the company has earned awards for its excellent designs.

Sun Yat-Sen Business School

Set up in the 1985, the Sun Yat-sen Business Scholl is one of the first professional school/college in business administration education and research, and is also a renowned business school with national influence. It’s now a significant based for China’s fostering high-quality professional manager and entrepreneurs.

Guangzhou Zhongruan Information and Techniques Co. Ltd.

As a holding company of China Software and Technical Service Company, the Guangzhou Zhongruan dedicates in power companies information service. With the advantage of internet information safety, the Company has stretches out its business to internet system integration. It’s now keeping its successful pace.

Wintour Information & Techniques Co. Ltd.

Wintour provides hotels with direct marketing and customer services platforms, which is composed of official websites, multi-channel booking engine, customer management system, social media marketing system and smart-phone clients. Via these platforms provided by Wintour, hotels can directly offer service to customers and their circles, which aims to improve the core competitiveness of hotels, increase brand value, raise customer loyalty and promote hotel revenue.